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One Plus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It was founded by Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei (Director) in December 2013. The company officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world as of July 2018. They have released numerous phones, amongst other products.

Beyon mentioned, "The OnePlus 7 is the shittiest phone I've ever had. Its slow , the 855 processor is deteriorate gradually, the camera is a marketing gimmick, it doesn't even offer 8mp camera's performance. The phone so bulky that they didn't look for weight balancing, the glass back is real pain in the ass. The battery doesn't last long and most importantly, the display is bloody bad, lcd could win against this display, the only good thing was the Gorilla Glass, strong and sturdy. Oneplus and most Chinese phones put a lot of specs to their phones rather optimizing their software and other internal components of the phone. Its real time to throw these garbage phones out. I hope some day, an Indian Company is going to make a good handy smartphone that serves ideal purpose as that to a cell phone rather than putting up a lot of specs to accompany the virtual world."


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Sonny says

"As of Feb. 24th 2021; one plus STILL SUCKS!!! Digital paperweights that can\'t even run games smoothly. Though they claim they are made with gamers in mind. Neither my 6t nor my 8 could run CODMobile without it failure. NEVER SETTLE FOR ONE PLUS"

Desiboy313 says

"Bought OnePlus 6 in 2018, phone worked like wonder for first two years. Since then, it has been slow death for my device. OP talks about long term support, OP6 hasn\'t even received Android 11 yet. The reason I bought OP is because I like having phones for 4-5 years. Switched from an iPhone to OP and now I\'m regretting it. Will be switching back to iPhone soon. OP6 lags, drags, and honestly so many crashes since a year. Terrible mismanagement from OnePlus. OnePlus officially sucks now."

Julian Robins says

"No customer service. Tried to return product, have contacted them 5 times for a shipping label. I am always told it will be with me within 3-5days or 24hours but never comes. Always excuses. Also they have no way of making a complaint to them."

Vini says

"Hopeless Customer service. I should be giving 0 stars if possible. They lost my under warranty phone when sent for repairs. Its been two months now and no compensation from One plus service. There standard reply to any correspondence is we have passed this to XYZ department Pl. wait for 3 - 5 days. And cycle continues"

Donald Wedington-Clark says

""Customer Service" is not a term understood by this company. I had a phone that needed service after about 6 months. They claim that phone was returned but I never received it. I have tried everything I can think of but can't get a answer as to the status of my claim. Responding to text messages is a waste of time. Calling requires information you are looking for. Email is rarely answered. If you want a very expensive throw away phone, this is the company for you.You asked that I edit this so that you can try and resolve the issue. The issue is that you don't resolve issues. There should be a big folder of emails, text and calls from me, all concerning my issue. Look at them, see how long I have been trying to get an answer. I have gotten to the point that I expect no resolution. Two days now and back to you using resending a text and not reading my response to it. Then a phone call that was a very poor quality connection. What is wrong with a simple answer to a straight forward question? What is the status of my claim for the 7T that you said was returned but I didn't receive? So nice, another text that was re-sent but you didn't bother to read the response. Also, still NO response to my edits."

Valerie Maddix says

"I bought the OnePlus 8 from T-Mobile six months ago. A big mistake. I have had nothing but problems with this phone. Just to many to mention. Everytime I call Technical Support I'm on the phone for hours. Then told that they have to transfer me directly to a OnePlus Expert. So now my call is transfered to "INDIA". This has happened three times. Each time I have finished up with more problems than I started with. In future I'll keep to Japanese made phones,"

Robert Adamson says

"Last time I buy a OnePlus phone.
Loads of faults and their customer service is shocking. Never again 👎"

Karen James says

"The check out and trade in process is ridiculously difficult. i called customer service and told me to log in. Really how did I live this long without your help. The sale is lost. If this is what I get to spend; I can only imagine what getting repair service would be like. One ZERO!"

Charlotte Boyle says

"Don't just don't buy a OnePlus phone as this is what you can expect when it has a fault and needs a repair, raised a request as not one but two phones both have screen issues ..after a week of having to constantly contact them ..phoning them please don't bother their staff are working from home and think it's acceptable to have kids screaming in background then when challenged claim the noise was allegedly coming from my child free home!!! The phone line is not fit for purpose, so my only option to contact them is webchat ..again not fit for purpose. Took them forever to send me a return label kept sending me the email with no link then when they eventually do send me it i of course send the phone's off immediately as being without my phones for over a week at this point and in the middle of a pandemic its causing no end of problems ...sent the phone's off day after get a call ...they only went and sent me the wrong label and my phones are now enroute to a service centre with no spare parts apparently!!!!! I even confirmed earlier that morning on webchat they'd been sent to an approved partners and they said yes !!!! Back I went to waste even more of my time on webchat for them to blame Brexit ( yeah right like they didn't have enough notice ! And To then basically tell me I just have to wait ....without my phones for even longer no time scale provided....this is the standard of after sales service you can expect from OnePlus... brilliant phones but just not worth it cause when they go wrong expect the Company to feign concern be totally ineffective ..full of excuses and are literally incapable of providing even a basic standard of customer care/service!!!I've lost count how many staff members I've tried to email, talk to or communicate with on webchat and not one has helped all have made mistake after mistake and I am no further forward in this being resolved....they are however Real quick to take your money though !!!!"

motopoxki says

"I got in contact with their cs team due to cracked screen, while I appreciated the agents effort to assist me despite their limited capacites, I could not unsee the fact that they have no escalation point or whatsoever. I made it clear that I used my OP6T for work on a daily basis and that the phone was needed asap, the agents kept telling me I would have received the label within 48 hrs. Guess what? I have been waiting since. C'mon, as a customer care you should understand when to prioritise an issue."

Chad Patel says

"This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. And very unprofessional and unprofessional and unorganized I ordered a gift phone and accessories never got them. When I complained they said it's delivered? I never gotten it so instead of helping me to replace the product they said it's delivered and that's it. But I paid 950.00 which I'm stuck that's crazy. I dispute it and my card company said it's delivered so nothing they can do??? Seriously amex will be hearing from me . Do not do any business with this company.
Order# A112011033623831225"

Jifin Thomas says

"I have purchased a Red cable pro package from the website,within 2 minutes of purchase,i had requested cancellation.Where i had 30 minutes to cancel.After this timestamp i got a reply that it was already subscribed. But i have not.

I requested with multiple mails,but the replied were very bad and irritating.I demanded a refund with all proofs.Such a waste customer care for a Brand like OnePlus"

Maelan T says

"Being a client of OnePlus since the OnePlusOne, I have been particularly happy about their phones since... Until now...
I decided to purchase their OP8T and I have to say, I'm very disappointed in the product itself, the aftersales service and the support too are not worth spending your money. It feels like a scam. Especially when you just spent 800€ for that...

First, in terms of quality... The quality did not meet at all the reviews of the phone but also my expectations.
Second, support. Since I have only problems and issues with this new phone, I've been in contact with the Support staff quite a lot. However, I have to say, the solutions proposed have never yet fixed my issues. I have been having issues, with their OS, with the tempered glass, and now it's with the screen itself...

It really feels I've been scammed. My advice until they start really working on their support and product quality, just buy a phone from another phone provider."

Mithun Ram says

"I bought wireless headset for rs 2000 after 6 month its not working and there is no customer care waste of money plz don't waste money in this brand one plus.i think one plus meaning is that "one time use product"."

Sneha Ashar says

"This is with regards to the oneplus 7 pro mobile phone I use . On 7th January 2021 evening all of sudden front camera stopped working . I called oneplus helpline and they advised me few steps to run and check if it starts working but failed to help further which then the executive of yours guided me to visit near by oneplus care center. I reside in mumbai ( chembur area). So near by oneplus center for me is Kurla phoenix market City.

I visited the store yesterday at 7 pm. After visiting the store the executive of yours checked my phone and advised me that there is simple repair required which will cost me 1200 indian rupees. However he advised me to submit the phone today which is on 8th of January 2021 after 3 pm so he will get this phone repair within 2 hours time .

Insisted that i should not submit the phone to them now as they were at closing hours and phone repair would take more them and half hour .and would be no use to keep phone with them for a night .

As per their advice I visited the store today at 3 PM .When I visited them and explained issue I have for camera and I visited them yesterday and explained above details . they checked and said there is display burning on phone which is company defect however as my phone has little dent so they would not be able to help me . I will have to pay 17000 plus amount for repair of display along with camera repair charges .

I am at complete shock when I am been asked to pay for display repair when the defect is from company side. The phone display burning issue is due to company defect however I am been asked to pay display charges just because there is little dent which is avoidable. Which is not even visible . How can company expect phone to be is best shape after use of 1 year . And as an customer I didn't knew there is defect in one plus phone display . I am regular customer of oneplus phone. But this to to my surprise that company is just taking their hands off from repairing the defect which is from their end and expecting customer to pay for an issue which is not arise by them.

I am sending complaint email and waiting for reply from oneplus as service center and helpline failed to help."

Rashid says

"I was sold a defective phone with a bad display, I contacted the company they were very sorry that i had a bad experience (scripted apologies) they said the are going to send a shipping label to send the phone back and get my refund.. I'm pretty sure I got scammed.. I spoke with 9 different support team i have 7 case ID numbers"

Trisha Singh says

"Bought a 6T a couple years ago and it NEVER RECEIVE TEXT MESSAGES. I use it with a verizon network. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy this phone. The customer service is terrible. They basically say "gottcha!* There are a ton of other companies out there with same specs and price point. choose any one else."

Dan Thomas says

"Don't fall into the trap - the devices themselves are great, however, should you run into any trouble it's not worth having to deal with the support team at OnePlus.

I purchased a 7T back in May 2020, using a trade in promotion. I am still yet to receive the money back from my trade in. I have had numerous support cases, they are insisting that the money was sent. I have provided bank statements from the time period in question (June/July 2020) as they have requested, but still yet to receive any funds.

There is absolutely zero escalation/complaints procedure, so if you get yourself into a situation like mine then you are stuffed. Will be sticking to "big names" in future for peace of mind should something go wrong."

Morten Kjær Bach says

"Bought Oneplus 8 PRO 6 months ago. Expensive phone.
Suddenly the screen crashed without any drop of the phone.

Contacted Oneplus customer service to find a solution.
Repair price 300 Euro.

No thanks...

Thank you for this answer, i haven't received any mails from you though?
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Updated info part 2 :
It was a chat message on your homepage no support reference.
But you wrote on this trustpilot review that i should check my e-mail regarding a solution??

But I havent't received anything from you?"

Olimpia Maldonado says

"One Plus has the worst return/refund policy, and their customer service is just awful. We bought a phone on Black Friday as a Christmas gift, now the phone won't charge properly and due to the fact that they have a 15 day return/refund policy, the company won't even hear about the fact that the phone was not opened and used until after the 15 days. The customer service experience with a representative and a supervisor was beyond awful, the supervisor would talk over me when I tried and explain things, and would just give me the automated response that “you are over your 15 days and we cannot replace your phone”. Their great solution is for me to send the phone and maybe they can repair it, or send me a refurbished replacement, after paying full price and only been using it for 11 days. This is unacceptable in so many levels, you pay good money for a product that you should be able to at least exchange if it’s not working as it should. We have been customers of the One Plus products for a very long time, since the One Plus 2 came out to the market, but no more. They do not care in the slightest about their customers. If I wanted to read about their 15 day policy I can absolutely go to their website and not waste my time with a couple of disrespectful people over the phone."

Sean Millar says

"Bought a device that stated would be supported for 2 years in android versions and 3 years in security updates. Every update has either been delayed, buggy or pushed back, in the time I've owned the device they've cut software updates in half, and still couldn't keep to that schedule. The company themselves never comment on the issue. There community and communication is by all means absolutely non existent and the community app is more closely monitored like the Korean Intranet. Anything negative about the company is swifty removed. Device itself always had issue since day one and trying to get helps is like pissing in the wind on my 2nd one and still same issue as it was a manufacturer issue and cost saving effort by the company. Will never put a single penny in this company's pocket again. Overall not even worth the 1 out of 5 stars."

rahul rathore says

"I am using one plus 8 pro since September, 2020 the phone started to lag, hang and crashing apps in 4 months didn't expected this with the so called flagship. The experience was so bad that I had to reset the phone with factory setting. My last phones were Samsung s10 plus, note 9, s 8 I never had this problem with them.
The camera quality is lower than my s10 plus. I really want to trade this with s20 plus"

Devesh Meena says

"Google on one plus device sucks.most of the times it doesn\'t respond to search "

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